Heroes and Castles


The perfect mix of action and strategy



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Heroes and Castles is a 3D action game in which all the wilder aspects of this genre are seamlessly combined with real time strategy, resulting in a highly addictive hybrid.

The player can choose between three different heroes: the warrior, armed with a sword that can destroy hordes of enemies; the Paladin, with the ability to heal their allies; and the dwarf, who uses a firearm to perform distance attacks.

Each one of these characters, as well as being able to attack on their own, can command allied units and order the construction of various buildings to help in the battlefield. And this is precisely where the appeal of Heroes and Castles lies: the ability to use strategy instead of simple brute force to ward off your enemies.

Graphically, Heroes and Castles is nothing short of spectacular. Everything is perfectly recreated in 3D and everything from the characters to the scenery and enemies (skeletons, giants, etc.) looks great.

Heroes and Castles is an outstanding action and strategy game that not only counts on some truly original gameplay, far removed from what we have grown used to, but also comes with a surprisingly good and well adapted control system.
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